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Beonpush says: deposits and withdrawals with Payeer

In this chapter I would like to explain step by step how you register for Payeer, verifizierst, make deposits and withdrawals on Beonpush and ask for the Payeer credit card. The interaction between Payeer and Beonpush is running smoothly and is very fast. Payeer credit card is its earnings from Beonpush in the location within 2 days at the bank counter to lift the corner. 

Registration at Payeer 

To register follow this link: Payeer registration 

So you sign up for Payeer

Then click on 'Create Account'. 

So you sign up for Payeer

Now you need to enter your email address, type in the security code, put check mark, and click on "Sign Up". After that, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Login data by Payeer

After you have entered all data and clicked on "Next" you're already in the backend of Payeer. 


Now you should make sure your login data. Now that you successfully registered and can already up to $1000 deposit via SWIFT transfer to your Payeer account, verify without you having to. For amounts exceeding $1,000 a verification with your ID card is necessary. More about that below.  

Deposit money in Payeer

So you make a deposit at Payeer

The first step to deposit money: left click "ADD" in the menu and enter your deposit amount and then click the same button.

We recommend always USD select one otherwise is too much exposed to currency movements in several consecutive transactions. Then you can select your desired deposit method. I will now describe the deposit by credit card or SWIFT bank transfer.  

Credit card deposit money at Payeer

Explains step by step how you transfer money with your credit card on your Payeer account friends. Your credit card and your Presonalausweis or passport get ready and get out of a photo. Scanned documents are not allowed. The verification of the deposit with credit card may take up to 2 days. 

Verification photo deposit with credit card


This is the image that I have uploaded my credit card verification. Since no SCANNED documents are allowed, I placed my ID and credit card on a sheet of white paper, written about my account number and photographed. The account number is not required according to the description, but experience has shown that it is better to place them on the screen. Your account number you can find the top right in the backend of Payeer. 


It is the safest method to verify is a Selfie to make his card (or passport) at, keeping credit card and account number legibly into the camera.

By SWIFT bank transfer deposit money at Payeer

It may take up to a week until the amount on your Payeer account. With the SWIFT bank transfer it is possible without verification up to $1,000 to be paid. The minimum is $100. Some banks will accept any online transaction on the Payeer account, then you personally must transfer the amount at the bank counter. If you want to deposit more than 1,000 about SWIFT Payeer will ask as at the credit card deposit after a verification. Here it is recommended to make a Selfie with his ID and account number. 

Depositing money from Payeer to Beonpush

So deposit from your Payeer account at Beonpush. Payeer calculated for a transaction fee of one per cent. This money you can in new packs then invest or move to other Beonpush accounts.

Deposit your earnings by Beonpush at Payeer

This is also done with just a few clicks. The money is within 24 hours on your Payeer account. 

Apply for Payeer credit card

A Payeer credit card benefits tremendously many friends. You can pull the money within a few seconds from your Payeer account on the Payeer credit card. You can then withdraw money at any ATM with the credit card. 

Step 4: After you've received your card, you must call the number (UK) which sticks to your card. The automatic announcement, confirm the activation process by tapping the number 1 in your phone. After that, your 16-digit credit card number is required. Now, you have to enter only your date of birth. The format is DD-MM-YY. So if your birthday on the 14.05.1980 tapping 140580. Now, your card is active and you can use them. Have fun. 

If you have any questions regarding the interplay between Beonpush and Payeer, or one step could not understand, below just write a comment. I will respond all suggestions.

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