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MYGB – What is MyGoldblocks?


How can you quickly make money today and without risk? The answer is: Network Marketing – the business opportunity of the 21st century.

Especially in this day and age, it is very difficult to make money quickly and legally. The costs of living is rising steadily and besides the job, there is always less time for the beautiful things in life. MyGoldblocks offers every person, regardless of their age and education, an opportunity for prosperity, financial freedom and fulfillment in life.

What to do?

You have the opportunity to hire additional partners, to sponsor someone, to work together and expand the team structure. Also, by expanding the team structure of the sponsored partners (Binary System) you will be rewarded. In the whole, there are 10 career levels that can be achieved.

Our international Miner community is growing steadily and we guarantee permanent growth in new prospects and partners who will strengthen your network.

The MyGoldblocks team has a large market share thanks to the large volume of mining and thus the strength to make the Coin greater and stable in the long term. The Proof of Stake (POS) process generates thousands of Goldblocks (GB) every day, generating high returns that are distributed to the community.

The POS procedure is not about mining, but about validation. This means in fact that blocks must be created by someone, and whoever has to create the next block depends on the specific proof of stake algorithm. However, the selection process must have a kind of randomness or at least distribute the voting rights properly (otherwise we will be reset to a centralized system). In the POS, each validator owns a stake in the network, depositing money into the network and use it as security to vouch for a block.

In this way you can be close to the development and expansion of MyGoldblocks and achieve high returns.