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How do I get started Lending on the MyGoldblocks Platform?

  1. To invest in the MyGoldblocks Lending Programme you will first need to buy Bitcoin using your fiat currency from a third party Bitcoin exchange as we do not provide a Bitcoin buy and sell service.
  2. Once you have Bitcoin you can begin the process of Lending on the MyGoldblocks Platform.
  3. To do this, first make your Deposit on your MyGoldblocks Dashboard

->Click on Deposit BTC Button in your personal Backoffice. Type your Amount in USD into the empty field. You can see there then the Amount you have to pay in BTC too.

(See the following illustration)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-01 um 19.49.50

  1. After your Deposit you can see your GB, BTC, BCH and ETH in your Dashboard.
  2. In the next step you have to click on the Exchange Button and then you can buy GB Coins with your BTC, BCH and ETH
  3. Then you can buy Coinzai Coin on exclusively only with GB.
  4. As the MyGoldblocks Exchange is a peer to peer market, you will be able to buy at any offering price you choose. If your offering price is lower than the seller’s asking price, your Bitcoin will go into escrow until a seller matches your offer. Thus selling you their CZI at your bid price. If you would like to buy Coinzai Coin instantly, you can buy at the seller’s asking price known as the market price.
  5. Once your buy order is completed, Coinzai Coin will automatically be deposited to your MyGoldblocks / Coinzai Wallet, you are now able to lend Coinzai to the Lending Platform.

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