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Investing in COINZAI (CZI) Lending


You can invest Coinzai Coin in the MyGoldblocks Lending Platform exclusively from the MyGoldblocks Dashboard. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your capital back to take out from the MyGoldblocks Lending Platform or optionally reinvest back in Lending Platform to continue receiving daily profit.

If you want to invest in Coinzai Lending, you have to buy Coinzai Coin (CZI) READ MORE in the first place. Buy CZI Coin from MyGoldblocks Internal Exchange Verlinkung zur Börse. You can deposit your Bitcoins (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) on https://mygoldblocks.com, then you have to exchange them into Goldblocks (GB), if you already bought GB on Yobit.io, Livecoin.net, Coinexchange.io or Bleutrade.com, then you can directly buy your CZI Coins and lend your Coins.



Just follow the steps below:

1. Deposit BTC, BCH, ETH or GB first

  1. Log into the MyGoldblocks Dashboard
  2. At first we have to make our Deposit in Goldblocks, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum
  3. As you can see your Deposit in your Backoffice, simply click on the Link: Exchange to buy Coinzai (CZI) Coin on the Internal Exchange

(If you haven’t deposit with Goldblocks, then you have to exchange your BTC, BCH, ETH first into GB)

2. Buy CZI Coin from MyGoldblocks Internal Exchange

  1. After you changed your BTC, BCH or ETH into GB you can see the Balance in your GB Wallet
  1. Now you have simply fill in buy CZI Coin form for your desired price and click „Buy Coinzai“ Button on the Internal Exchange.

3. Lend or Invest CZI Coin from Coinzai Wallet

  1. Once all your CZI filled in your Coinzai Wallet, go to your user Dashboard and press the “Lend Coinzai Button”. The Invest Coinzai box will appear.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to lend or invest in USD.
  3. After you have read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, click on the “Confirm Button”.
  4. You may now choose to „pay from a Coinzai Wallet“ using the buttons on the bottom of your screen.
  5. Once you have click to pay from a Coinzai Wallet, a confirmation box will appear. Hit the “Confirm Button”.
  6. You will see confirmation message, stating “Payment completed.” Make sure you should have require CZI Coin amount in your Coinzai Wallet.

Lending Guide 

1) How long will it take to confirm in my MyGoldblocks / Coinzai Balance?

Coinzai (CZI) confirmation. The time it takes for Bitcoin to be sent is known as confirmations on the blockchain and takes about 3 confirmations. READ MORE


2) What can I do with my interest? What can I do with Coinzai?

You can reinvest your returns back into the Lending Platform or you can transfer your USD wallet balance to receive Coinzai (CZI) Coin at the current market price. READ MORE


3) Why did I not receive the commission from my referral?

There are many reason why you did not receive commission from your referral, we have everything automated for commission payments. READ MORE


4) Why am I unable to withdraw my referral commission?

You can withdraw bonus commission if you have a minimum 1 Lending in your Coinzai (MyGoldblocks) account. READ MORE


5) How does the Affiliate Program work and how much can I earn extra money?

We offer up to 7 levels of Affiliate Program to our customers, it is a great way to make extra money. READ MORE


6) What is the minimum amount of Goldblocks I can withdraw and what are the fees?

The minimum amount of GB you can withdraw from your GB Wallet is min. a 100$ Volume. READ MORE


7) After completion of my Lending Contract, would I get back USD or Coinzai?

You will receive USD back into your Lending Wallet. READ MORE


8) The interest of my account is displayed incorrectly?

You will receive your today interest the following day that is shown on the Volatility Chart. READ MORE


9) Do I get an extra percentage if i compound my investment to $1500?

No, each lending amount is treated separately and you will not qualify for an extra 0.10% on your Lending. READ MORE


10) How to verify?

This verification process is mandatory for trading activity and sending Coin from your Wallet. READ MORE


11) What is the minimum amount to reinvest in Coinzai/MyGoldblocks Lending?

The minimum reinvestment amount is $100. READ MORE


12) How long does it take to receive my Lending interest into my account and how much can I expect?

You will receive payments every 72 hours after your Lending transaction has been approved. The interest rate that you earn daily is up to 50% calculated by our Coinzai (CZI) Price Volatility Software. READ MORE


13) Can I send Bitcoin to my Coinzai address?

No, as they are different Digital Currencies on separate Blockchains. READ MORE


14) Where can I buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be purchased online from a Bitcoin Exchange, Coinbase is a popular exchange with reasonable fees. READ MORE


15) How do I get started Lending on the MyGoldblocks Platform?

To invest in the MyGoldblocks Lending Programme you will first need to buy Bitcoin using your Fiat Currency from a third party Bitcoin exchange as we do not provide a Bitcoin buy and sell service. READ MORE


16) When will the Lending interest be added to my account?

It will be added every 24 hours of your Lending transaction has been approved. All Lending transactions will be treated separately for interest payments. READ MORE


17) Is the daily profit guaranteed?

The daily profit is not guaranteed. The interest rate that you earn daily using our Investment Platform is calculated by our Coinzai (CZI) Price Volatility Software. READ MORE


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