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MyGoldblocks News 6.12.17

The MyGoldblocks community can look forward to a few changes.


Changes to the Marketingplan

The marketing plan will be changed: There will be a fast start bonus, the binary plan will be changed, the direct commission will be distributed on several levels. The new presentation will be published in the next few days.


Payment and Withdraw

All Payments and Withdraws will be only possible with GB.


ATM Machines

0092134d-5500-4e8f-af9d-c7ae47052d8aThe ATM Machines are already commissioned and in the production worldwide. The transactions will give the users of ATM Machines a World Bonus Fee. There will also be a cashback service for all Goldblocks payments. The fees will be low and can be paid out in Bitcoin, Goldblocks and other cryptocurrencies.



Goldblocks to the moon

The loyal Crypto Fans were able to watch it live on Coinmarketcap & Co.: The Coin Goldblocks (GB) has boomed in the last 2.5 weeks, rising from less than 0.10 cents to 0.50 cents.


We’re not talking about a dump and pump, this is actually the case with artificially pushed coins. In a healthy growth, one can not speak of a pump, but of a rise in the price. Goldblocks is not a young coin, it’s an existing Coin since 2014. Goldblocks made it into the top 300 in the Cryptocurrency Ranking of more than 900 Coins on Coinmarketcap. Then Goldblocks made it into the Top 200 of the Best Coins worldwide and was among the best trends on Coinmarketcap for 5 consecutive days. Now, the Coin holds stable at 30 cents, from a strong rise in price is expected.


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(Today, 6th December 2017)

COINZAI ICO and Lending

We know we have kept you waiting long enough and we know all of you want to have informations now about our Lending Project and ICO. Soon we are ready with everything and share it with the Community. The ICO Date is the 1st January 2018.


What advantage do you have with us?

Coinzai is an Multi ICO and Lending. It’s free to use and all Transactions will be instant. Coinzai is a safe place to store your Goldblocks (GB) Coins and you can earn Cashback with it. We provide future-oriented (Crypto) Payment Solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Soon you will have access to the Coinzai Section in your Backoffice. Also the Marketing Plan of Coinzai will be shared.



Leader Meeting for Asia

The opening for Vietnam is already in the planning stage and will take place soon. No later than mid-March.


Opening Coinzai Office in Vietnam

An own office wants to be opened soon in Vietnam.



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